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I’ve been Damplified! (Sound Deadener added to Audi TT.)

October 23rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Regarding my last post about taking my time getting this sound deadener installed, I’m happy to report I finished the job this evening. Along with helping another TT owner install a boost gauge over the weekend, we worked on adding the sound absorbing “skin” to the area from just behind the front seats all the way back to the hatch latch. Since we did not finish, I spent the last 3 evenings after work cutting and laying out pieces to fit around the various curves and bends in the sheet metal. Before I put it all back together, I cleaned the rear seat bench and backs and vacuumed the heavy felt underlayment.

Since daylight has been disappearing much earlier lately, I did not take the TT out for a drive, I’ll save the satisfaction of a quiter cabin for another day. Ahh, the great feeling of completing a job well done.

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